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Why Adapt? Podcast ep.2 – The Art of Communication

Today’s episode we talk about the art of communication!

In today’s day and age the art of communication has been lost by many due to technological advances, so I cover a few tips to get you jump started with better communication.

This ties into our second subject of the day- The Art of body language. Body language can be crucial to continued communication as well as developing relationships and identifying patterns. A few points from today’s podcast:

  • The art of active listening
  • How to show genuine interest
  • idea for different questions to ask leading to deeper understanding of others
  • Tips for being conscious of other’s time
  • Tips for understanding others body language and what it does or does not mean
  • How to identify patterns in your and other’s body language
  • Identifying points of interest throughout communication
  • Tips on how to better present yourself through body language

Thanks for listening!