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Why Adapt? Podcast ep.2 – The Art of Communication

Today’s episode we talk about the art of communication!

In today’s day and age the art of communication has been lost by many due to technological advances, so I cover a few tips to get you jump started with better communication.

This ties into our second subject of the day- The Art of body language. Body language can be crucial to continued communication as well as developing relationships and identifying patterns. A few points from today’s podcast:

  • The art of active listening
  • How to show genuine interest
  • idea for different questions to ask leading to deeper understanding of others
  • Tips for being conscious of other’s time
  • Tips for understanding others body language and what it does or does not mean
  • How to identify patterns in your and other’s body language
  • Identifying points of interest throughout communication
  • Tips on how to better present yourself through body language

Thanks for listening!

The beginning of Why Adapt Podcast and a little about me!

In this episode I talk about what inspired me to start this podcast, and my plans for the podcast in the coming years!

We discuss

  • My beginnings and how I came to create this podcast
  • Different strategies for being aware and dealing with struggles of life and excessive stress
  • Tips to getting started investing both in yourself and financially
  • Ideas for finding and gaining mentors

This is only the start everybody! New podcast next week with my friend and guest Chad Smith!


Thank You for listening!

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3 ways to re-ignite your why

What happenned to my WHY?

Many studies have found that defining our Why can have a significant effect on our emotional well being.

But, what happens when our Why is no longer relevant?

This can in turn leave us in a state of depression, though we may not even be aware that we are being affected.

Our why is shaped by our childhood in one way or another, maybe your why is to provide your family with opportunities that they have never seen as possible!

That was my original why, at least as an adult this is what I focused on as a guide to my success.

As life went on and over time I lost family members and dynamics of my life changed my why has grown to impact more lives than just my immediate family. Although this may sound like I have found this Why through positivity My Why has mostly grown through struggle.

Losing loved ones and personal turmoil have brought me to question My Why once again at the age of 32 years old and yet again wonder, is this the biggest impact I can have on this world?

Here is quick video I made on 3-ways to re-ignite your why, check it out!



Getting In-Tune with Your Why

As we transition between our Why’s we may find that we feel a bit lost.

With our original Why now in question we must go through a stage of finding ourselves.

We may ask ourselves, what is my purpose? And that may not be clear at this point, but do not fret.

Finding our purpose will come with time and it is important to take small steps in understanding our whys in our everyday tasks.

For example doing the dishes…..

I do not enjoy doing the dishes, and sometimes I feel as if I have to do them. Not because I want to but out of necessity. That feeling has caused stress on my life, if I instead think about why do I need to do the dishes?

Well, truth is…. I WANT TO DO THE DISHES!

I just didn’t realized it!

I want to do the dishes because completing that task takes one thing off of my partner’s plate and that makes her happy. Her being happy makes me happy. Therefore doing the dishes makes me happy!

I know, it sounds crazy!

But give it a try!

You may find enjoyment within something you never dreamed!


What struggles have you endured  lifetime?


What have You learned from these struggles?